The small village of Pietragalla;

The small village of Pietragalla; in Italy, is characterized by Palmenti park: a complex of “caves”. These cellars-caves dug into the rock dating back to 18th and 19th Centuries CE, and were once used for production of wine. Still used today for the conservation of wine. These caves visible at entrance to village and similar to rural houses.
People in this region were engaged in winemaking and from 1528-1798 CE, French built; Palmenti. Built of stone at different levels of cliff. Inside tanks for fermentation of grapes. The millstone is an artifact that represents a singular realization of rural architecture, result of Pietragallesi winemakers, unique in Basilicata (Italy) and perhaps in Europe, for their grouping.
Here, until end of 1960s, grapes were pressed and must fermented, but still today some families make wine in the millstones, having taken care to safeguard, over time, the structure and the tanks dug into the tuff, keeping the history, culture and memory of peasant civilization.

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