When police officers returned to their patrol vehicle, they discovered a stray dog waiting inside for assistance

After conducting a routine traffic operation in Brazil, four police officers were taken aback when they returned to their patrol vehicle to discover a dog sitting in the driver’s seat.

The officers made many attempts to get the dog out of the van, but he would not come out. The little dog began howling and quickly got distressed as a result. He wailed in pain and begged for someone to help him.

“He cried quite a bit.” According to the report written by the Policia Militar Rodoviária of Santa Catarina, “He looked to have been left by the side of the route.”

It was obvious that the dog was searching for assistance, and it was also clear that it knew just where to look. He entered the police vehicle and waited there for the policemen to return to the scene.

The officers were so disturbed by the dog’s screams for help that they made the executive decision to bring him back to the station and work on finding him a new family. On the walk to the station, the dog cheerfully accepted the gentle pats that the officers gave him and waggled his tail.

After listening to the tragic account, Corporal Maurcio made the selfless decision to take in the teeny-tiny dog and gave him the name Rex.

According to the authorities statements, “He opted to adopt him, which provided delight to his children.” The narrator announces, “His name is Rex!” in this scene.

The police department was overjoyed to share the story of the rescue on their Facebook page, where it almost immediately gained widespread attention and was praised by a great many people.

The dog couldn’t contain his joy at finding a new home with such kind people.

“Congratulations on everyone’s approach,” one fan remarked, “to the two officers who had a great heart to remove him from the highway, and to the other policeman “Mauricio” for adopting Rex.”

We are glad to hear that Rex’s owners love and care for him very much and that he is now a happy and healthy dog as a result of their attention. I am grateful to everyone who contributed to his successful rescue.

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