Temple of Sant’Emidio

Temple of Sant’Emidio
•It is a Baroque church in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.
•Its name refers to Saint Emygdius (Emidius).
•According to legend, after having been beheaded in 309 near the current church of Sant’Emidio Rosso, the saint walked here with his head in his hands to be buried.
•The church (known as tempietto, meaning “small temple”, for its small size) was built in 1717–1720/21.
•There he died and was buried until, some 700 years later, his mortal remains were transferred to the Ascoli Cathedral.
The church has been constructed as part of a cave with the facade being intricately designed from the limestone while the inner grottoes have been polished up and refined into three rooms, one of which has the sepulcher of the Saint Emidio while the others serve as oratories.

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