Webster Wagner Hous

Built for Webster Wagner (1817–1882) as a summer home in 1876 by Horatio Nelson White (1814–1892). It was also affectionately referred to as fangs or the house with the mouth. It was located at Palatine Bridge in Montgomery County, New York.
The home was built overlooking the Mohawk River. It had a full basement, a two and one half story main block with a two story rear service wing, to which was attached a one story service wing. It also featured a three story entrance tower at the southeast corner.
In its later years, with the front porch completely collapsed, combined with a large hole in the roof, and bowed south wall, led the Palatine Bridge Code Enforcement Office to issue a demolition permit. Despite the fact that it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.
It was lost due to unpaid taxes. However, it was owner occupied until eviction in 2013.
Sadly it was demolished in 2017.

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