Couple Renovates A 168-Year-Old Mansion, Finds A Hidden Room

Dan Anderson and his partner Sara have been restoring a historic mansion built in 1852. The last couple of decades haven’t been particularly nice to the estate, with the last 2 years being vacant, abandoned and vandalized. Even though the structure is still sound, it needs attention in a number of areas in order to truly shine again. However, the couple is determined to bring it back to its original glory.


While they were working on the building’s interior, Dan and Sara stumbled upon something they didn’t know even existed. A secret room. After peeking inside, they realized it was full of loot as well. Intrigued by their discovery, a friend of the couple posted pictures of their findings on Imgur and they immediately went viral.



So far, not much is known about the origins of the room, the reason it was hidden, or the truckload of bottles inside. After all, it does look like nobody has stepped foot in it since the Prohibition!


Image credits: fonjohn



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