Abandoned McDermott’s castle, Ireland

Abandoned McDermott’s castle, Ireland. The site dates back 900 years, and poet WB Yeats once tried to purchase the castle.
The present castle you see here was built by the King family in the 1800s with the purpose of hosting parties and events. However, it has since fallen into ruin after multiple changes in ownership and became completely abandoned after extensive damage during World War II.
There have been various structures on the island dating back to the 11th century, with records mentioning a lightning bolt that struck and caused a fire in 1184, burning the original structure to the ground.
The McDermott clan owned the island up until the 17th century when it was given to the King family of England under the Cromwellian settlement. It’s located right in the middle of the Lough Key lake and has rich history and legend.
Yeats fell in love with the castle and island, particularly the folklore and legends that exist to this day. He attempted to buy out the castle from the King family in 1899 with the desire to turn it into a monument for Irish culture and heritage. His attempts failed, and the castle remained, turning into the ruin that remains.
In 2018, the castle was put up for sale for €80,000. However, the offer was later withdrawn, and the castle returned to Irish ownership.

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