Couple who shares their birthday together welcome first baby – on their birthday

One of the best things in life is perhaps the coincidences we can encounter. For instance, finding a life partner who might have the same birthday as us.

And when this couple thought their crazy coincidences had ended, they experienced another major one together!

Cassidy and Dylan Scott have always bonded over the fact that they share the same birthday. The couple celebrates their birthday on 18th December, and the shared birth date is just one of the many things they have in common.

The young couple from Huntsville, Alabama was expecting their first child together. Never did they think that they would end up sharing their birthday with another person; their own child!

Cassidy gave birth to their son on 18th December 2022. The Huntsville Hospital for Women and children where she delivered the baby posted their story on Facebook, pointing out that the chances of this happening were one in 133,000.

Their daughter Lennon, arrived at 12:30 a.m. on December, 18 just narrowly making it in time to celebrate her birth with those of her parents!

People were thrilled at the coincidence this little family experienced.


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Some people shared their own similar experiences.

Jennifer Giorgetti Padellford shared, “my husband, myself and our first born, our son, all share the same birthday. Welcome to the club! Our son is 31 now. It’s turned into “Padellford family holiday” for us over the years. Enjoy…and get used to people being amazed when you tell them lol! Happy birthday to you

Another commenter named Barbara Moore McLendon shared the coincidence with the Scotts in every possible way! She wrote, “My husband, myself and my daughter all share the same birthday and it’s December 18 as well! Happy birthday to all!”

Another user commented a simple congratulatory message to the family, Dianne Wyatt wrote, “Oh what a special birthday congratulations!”

Honestly, this is such a special thing to have happened. Coincidences are always fun to explore, but coincidences like this are on another level altogether!

Congratulations to the Scott family on their latest addition. Share this piece with others so they can enjoy this heartwarming story too!

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