Remains of the Sacred City of Caral :

Remains of the Sacred City of Caral :
This archaeological site is located in the Supe Valley, in the province of Barranca, Lima region, Peru.
The Sacred City of Caral is the most prominent manifestation of the Caral Civilization, the oldest in America, due to its 5,000 years of age (3000 – 1900 BC), monumental architecture and development achieved by the society that built it.
In 2009, this main urban center of the Caral Civilization, the oldest in America, entered the UNESCO World Heritage list, confirming its exceptional universal value that must be protected for the benefit of humanity.
The archaeological site occupies an approximate area of 68 hectares and is made up of a core area with 32 public buildings and several residential complexes, and two peripheral areas: one of them borders the Supe valley.
In the past, social, cultural and economic activities were carried out in this city in coordination with the socio-political authorities of other nearby centers. The civilization in charge created channels of transversal and long-distance interregional interaction to exchange products and goods with societies on the coast, mountains and jungle, in conditions of peace, respecting customs, ideologies and languages, and in complete harmony and respect with nature.
The Sacred City draws attention for the monumentality of its pyramidal buildings, such as the Greater Pyramid Building, which is more than 29 meters high, occupies more than 25 square meters and has a sunken circular plaza. It was built with overlapping platforms, made of stones held together with clay and gravel mortar. Their halls and rooms were made with quincha. For the plastering and painting they applied clays of different colors: yellow, white, red and beige.

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