Rabbit hole leads to a secret 700-year-old knights templar cave network

It might seem like the times of exploring have long passed, but it’s not completely true. Take this rabbit hole for example, which seems ordinary enough only until you go inside and find a 700-year-old caves network once used by Knights Templar.

It’s located in Shropshire, England, and called The Caynton Caves. Since 2012, the network has been closed down to the public by the landowners, but throughout its 700 hundred years history it housed many privacy seekers like Templars, druids, pagans, and secretive religious sects, which used it as a safe ceremony space.

“If you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it,” photographer Michael Scott said. “It’s probably less than a meter underground, so it’s more into the field than under it.” The 33-year-old brought back some remarkable shots that truly capture the essence of these eerie caves.

This rabbit hole turned out to be an entrance to a secret 700-year-old cave network

Located in Shropshire, England, The Caynton Caves once belonged to The Knights Templar

It was a feared Catholic military order that built its power and wealth by fighting in the Crusades

Later the caves were used by druids and pagans who were looking for a safe ceremony space

Birmingham-based photographer Michael Scott recently got inside and documented the eerie place in amazing

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