How the two wives of Bruce Willis became friends and decided to raise 5 children together

When Rumer Willis, one of Bruce Willis’ daughters, was a teenager, she often watched her peers suffer because of her parents’ divorce.

Mothers and fathers pitted their children against each other, and those same children were stunned to have to choose sides.

When Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (the actor’s first wife) decided to separate, they did everything to avoid such a scenario.And they did great.

Now the new wife of Bruce Willis, Emma Heming, has a good relationship with Demi Moore and the actor’s children from his first marriage.

Divorce did not become a black spot in Willis’s life, but made the lives of his children even brighter and more colorful.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were considered one of the brightest Hollywood couples.The actors got married in 1987.They were married for over 10 years before they announced their divorce.

However, the couple did not plan to separate forever. Since they have three daughters, the ex-spouses decided to remain one family and play an important role in the lives of their children and each other.

According to Bruce, he and Demi even became close after the divorce.As their daughter Rumer recalls, their parents did everything possible so that she and her sisters would not have to choose between mom and dad.

The ex-spouses did not stop being a family even after each of them met new partners. When Moore married Ashton Kutcher, Bruce accepted her as part of the family.
They were together at family celebrations and red carpets.So it’s entirely predictable that Demi supported Bruce when he decided to share his life with model Emma Heming.

Bruce Willis married Emma Heming in 2009. Since then, Emma and Demi have shown their friendship to the world.

In addition, Moore often shares photos with her ex-husband and dedicates notes to his new wife. She likes to accompany photos of their family gatherings with the caption, ‘Thank you for our blended family.’

Emma says that she is sincerely grateful to Bruce’s ex-wife for her support.On Demi Moore’s birthday, Emma congratulated her online, calling her the most powerful and strong woman whom she truly loves.

He added that he is happy to call himself a member of the family. Of course, ladies celebrate their birthdays together.

So how did these two women become so close? First of all, thanks to the children. Emma became an important person in the lives of Bruce’s daughters from his first marriage.

And Demi, in turn, regularly spends time with the daughters of Heming and Willis.

They acted wisely, saving their large family from disputes and conflicts. ‘We are mothers, sisters on this crazy adventure of life,’ say celebrities.

The two women also found a common language at work. When Demi Moore published her memoir Inside Out, Hemming promoted it on social media.

He also supported Demi when the actress launched her swimwear line. Meanwhile, Moore often advertises Emma’s business online.

They say that common sorrows often help unite even strangers.But what happens to those people who were already close? They are certainly getting closer.

This is exactly what happened to the Willis-Moore family when Bruce was diagnosed with aphasia, a disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate.

Bruce’s five daughters, as well as Demi and Emma, ​​released a joint letter thanking fans for their sympathy and support and announcing that Bruce was leaving his 42-year career.
They also said they plan to get through these tough times as one strong family that will always be there for each other. ‘As Bruce always says, live it up. And we plan to do it together,’ the women announced.

Do you or your loved ones have stories of how you managed to stay on good terms with your ex? Will you share in the comments?

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