After Pulling a String in an Attic, A man revealed a mystery that had been hidden for nearly 70 years

There have been a lot of stories about finding hidden treasure over the years. Before they were forced to leave the country, this man went back to look for the family property that his father had hidden.

He learned from his father how to find hidden objects, but it wasn’t easy. In point of fact, he was unsure even if the material had a lifespan of seventy years.

Schlattner went back to his childhood home and searched the attic for a small cord that was attached to one of the wooden panels. When the shelves opened, a plethora of possessions from decades earlier were displayed.

Schlattner worried over the years that the house’s numerous roof repairs would destroy them. Seventy packages were hidden in the attic by Schlattner’s father. To uncover the property, a small hammer was used to tap panel boards.

Some of the packages had been opened while others were wrapped in brown paper. Newspapers, hat hangers, paintings, skis, and newspapers were also present. Paperweights, pencils, umbrellas, school desks, unopened cigarettes, badges, books, socks, and supplies for sewing were also included in the packages. Everything is rated as functioning.

The treasures are housed in a museum in the Czech city of Usti nad Labem due to their high historical value. Okura continued, “The packages were very cleverly concealed in the skylight vault.”

“The amount of stuff that could fit in such a small space was unbelievable.” To remove everything, it took more than an hour.”

The treasures were examined by the museum director, who stated that it is extremely uncommon to find such a hidden “German property” in the area.

Schlattner, regrettably, accepted his inability to keep them and agreed to assist in locating the property.

Schlattner stated, “We thought we’d come back one day and find a property there.”

If you thought the recovery of these treasures was amazing,

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