Abandoned Mansion in Paris.


The Manoir Joachim Kroll aka the Colimaçon Manor, owes its name to its magnificent spiral staircase that goes from the last state to the basement.

Arriving on site, we discover this gigantic building, with a surprisingly well maintained garden, sumptuous mosaics overlooking the doors.

We slip quietly into the house, the interior is in pretty bad condition compared to the outside.


The visit continues to the first floor, observing each room, each detail, we take pictures when suddenly we hear noises coming from the garden.

Looking out the window, we noticed that the people living on the farm next door were there, looking for us. Apparently we had not been discreet enough.


We knew that the people living on the farm next door used to drive people out of the house, but we did not think we made so many noises for them to find us.

A man started to climb the stairs, we had to hide in the old sauna of the big house for more than half an hour, not to find us, it was a very stressful time.


After being absolutely sure that he was gone and that we risked nothing, we came out of our hiding place.

We left as quickly as possible to our car, frustrated and disappointed to have shortened our visit.

But it will be for another time, we intend to return there, surely when it will have a better weather, in summer. To be able to make more beautiful pictures, hoping that our visit will be better this time û      



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