Inside Of The Abandoned Dramatic Dunnottar Castle

Is there another castle in Scotland that can compete with Dunnottar’s majesty and allure? Not only is Dunnottar one of the most beautiful medieval fortifications in Britain, but it is also the location of some of the most exciting and dramatic events in British history. The fortress is situated on a spectacular promontory, and it is flanked on all three sides by very steep cliffs.

It has been torched, rebuilt, and torched once more over the course of several turbulent centuries. It has been the subject of sieges, been frequented by saints and queens, and served as the stage for exciting escapes. In the course of Scotland’s history, it has served as a religious community, a stronghold, and a dreadful jail. Additionally, it was the setting for one of the most well-known events in Scottish history.

There may have been prehistoric settlements in Dunnottar, but the first historical record dates back to the 5th century when the tireless Celtic saint Ninian founded a church on the Rock of Dunnottar. This church is considered to be one of the earliest Christian sites in Pictland.


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