The Zamáns Mill

The forest route of the old mills of Zamáns hides a series of small gems that are still standing today, I am referring to the mills of Zamáns. Today we will discover a beautiful and quiet circular route called Roteiro Etnográfico de Zamáns that will delight hiking and nature lovers.

This natural route begins through a small path that enters the Zamáns forest following the bed of the Vilaza River, which is sometimes also called Amial. Above the water reservoir the river runs in the form of a small stream that receives water from several small tributaries. Six water mills are concentrated in this stretch of river, five of which have been rebuilt, since the sixth is almost always below the level of the reservoir. These mills – most of them, built between the beginning and the middle of the 19th century – are located along this path or forest route.

In addition, the mills are located within a circular route called Roteiro Etnográfico de Zamáns that will force us to pass through two beautiful bridges and an old laundry. The mills receive the following names, ordered according to the visit: Muíño do Bento, Muíño Novo, Muíño de Soleido do Quenllo, Soloeido de Arriba and Soloeido de Abaixo. The mill that is under the water is called Muíño do Viveiro.

The most emblematic ancient building in the area is the one called Casa Molino de Maquías. Two-story carved stone monument, truly spectacular, with its water channels. An authentic architectural and historical gem forgotten in the hand of God in the middle of an idyllic forest and unknown to most of the people of Vigo. A residential mill that, having been restored at the end of the 20th century, is once again in a regrettable state of abandonment. In 1961, the Zamanes Dam was built 200 meters from there, which took away from the old mill the water channel that allowed it to function, so it was abandoned and ended up turning into ruins.

The area is not very visited and most of the forest surrounding the mills has an immaculate appearance, with nature expanding everywhere and covering the old stone buildings. There are several hiking trails in the area, and the lake that forms the reservoir is really beautiful.

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