The Old Lodge house (West Lodge House to Hall Place ) – Hall Place – Leigh near Tonbridge – Kent – England Hall Place and its lodges were built for Samuel Morley M.P. in the 1870s. This is the west lodge.

Hall Place, located in Leigh near Tonbridge, Kent, England, is a historic mansion built in the 1870s for Samuel Morley, a Member of Parliament. The estate includes not only the main mansion but also the Old Lodge house, also known as West Lodge House.

  1.  Samuel Morley was a prominent Victorian industrialist, philanthropist, and politician. He was a Member of Parliament and a successful businessman, known for his involvement in the textile industry. Morley was also a social reformer and played a significant role in various charitable and educational initiatives.
  2. Hall Place itself is an example of Victorian Gothic architecture and was constructed in the 1870s. The mansion is characterized by its elaborate detailing, pointed arches, and other architectural elements typical of the Gothic Revival style popular during the Victorian era.The Old Lodge house, or West Lodge House, likely served as one of the entrance lodges to the estate. Such lodges were often constructed to house gatekeepers or estate staff and were designed to complement the main mansion’s architectural style.
  3. The estate around Hall Place is likely to include gardens, lawns, and possibly other structures associated with the original design. Gardens during the Victorian era were often landscaped with attention to detail, incorporating features like paths, water elements, and ornamental plantings.
  4.  The current status of Hall Place and its lodges would depend on subsequent owners and any renovations or changes made over the years. Hall Place may have served different purposes or undergone modifications, adapting to the needs and preferences of its various occupants.
  5.  If Hall Place is open to the public, it might offer guided tours, events, or educational programs to provide visitors with insights into the history and architecture of the estate. Checking with local historical societies or the property’s official website would provide the most up-to-date information on visiting.

In summary, Hall Place and its Old Lodge house are part of the rich history of the area, with ties to Samuel Morley and the Victorian era. Exploring the estate and its architecture can offer a glimpse into the past, showcasing the grandeur and lifestyle of the Victorian elite.


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