The 32 room Abandoned Victorian Mansion.

The Kastner Mansion, an abandoned relic nestled among several opulent 19th-century mansions in Newark, was a testament to the affluence of its original owner, Franz J. Kastner, a prominent brewery magnate. Constructed with brick and brownstone, this architectural gem stands out for its unique Chateauesque style—a distinctive choice uncommon in New Jersey. Its historical significance is deeply rooted in Newark’s past as a pivotal center for beer breweries in the late 1800s, a fact that adds layers to its cultural importance.

Initially serving as the private residence of Franz J. Kastner, the mansion underwent a series of transformations over the years. By 1957, it transitioned from a family home to a casket factory, marking a shift in its purpose. Subsequently, the mansion found a new identity as the abode of Newark Lodge 93 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks, further adding to its historical narrative.

However, the turn of the 21st century witnessed the Kastner Mansion fall into a state of disrepair and abandonment, standing as a silent witness to the ebb and flow of time. Despite several initiatives to restore this historical treasure into a community center, progress remained stymied. The city, recognizing its potential significance, supported plans for restoration until an unfortunate accidental fire in 2019 inflicted severe damage.

By late 2022, the fate of the Kastner Mansion hangs in the balance. The substantial damage incurred during the fire has rendered the prospect of restoration increasingly unlikely. City leaders, acknowledging the challenges posed by the extensive destruction, are now contemplating the feasibility and cost of demolishing this once-storied structure. The echoes of its illustrious past, intertwined with the rise and fall of Newark’s beer brewery prominence, may soon be silenced, leaving behind a poignant tale of architectural grandeur succumbing to the forces of time and circumstance.



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