This family was evicted from their house – 70 years later they return and find a treasure in the attic, hidden by their grandfather

This family was evicted from their house – 70 years later they return and find a treasure in the attic, hidden by their grandfather.

Treasure hunting is a lot of fun and this activity awakens in us a very strong feeling of suspense and makes us so curious, right? There are many people who do this nowadays, looking for myths and theories to solve the mysteries and find the hidden treasure. But it’s not always something shiny, gold or … Atlantis. The story of the family in the next article is very interesting and dates back to World War II. What they found is really fascinating, so we advise you to continue reading and prepare for the ending.

This started during the World War II when the Schlattner family had to leave their home-based in Czechoslovakia forever, so they returned to Germany after leaving the comfort and all the memories in their backs. But the man in the house wanted to leave something behind, just in case someone will return one day so he showed his son, Rudi, a string in the attic. After 70 years fro that day, Rudi decided to do some research and see what happened with his old and beloved house, where his father left some secrets behind. He found out that his house was now a care center for the elderly. Upon hearing the news, the family decided to make a visit so they flew back to the country they left seven decades ago.

The father kept the secret, so his family was about to see something really surprising. After they arrived safely at the house, they climbed into the attic and the old man noticed the distinctive mark he left there, just as the X marks the treasure. It was a piece of thread, unnoticeable to the naked eye, well hidden at that time. He pulled the string and the secret was revealed, a hidden spot with a bunch of old stuff. Not gold but things in the house where they lived, which now have a special historical significance, such as paintings, cutlery, books, newspapers, clothes, and many other similar things. Rudi was extremely happy to see that everything was intact, and his family was simply amazed to feel that air, the air they left behind so long ago. They found so much old stuff there, personal stuff that brought so many memories and filled them with nostalgia.


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