Single dad turns an old double-decker bus into fun and vibrant home-on-wheels for him and his daughter

Many people’s dreams of nomadic existence have come true thanks to the #Vanlife trend that has taken over Instagram. Not everyone dreams of living the life of a double-decker bus, but one parent discovered one for sale and felt it was his calling.

A visionary carpenter
The 42-year-old Brighton, UK, carpenter Adam Collier is a master at realizing his goals in life. Few people could have the foresight and expertise he had to transform a double-decker into a stylish and practical home.

Collier and his daughter found a clever method to construct an affordable paradise.

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it, work hard enough, and use your imagination. All of them were present in Adam, and he also possessed an innate sense of adventure. He decided to build his own mobile home as he and his daughter couldn’t afford a fancy one.

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