Abandoned Queen of Hearts Mansion in Marshalltown, IA

Believed to be built around 1902, this unique historic mansion has a very ‘eclectic’ style and is described by John Shiflet as follows:
It is certainly not the pure “style” you’ll find in a guide to American houses. Eclectic is the best fit. Others have suggested French Chateauesque, Colonial Revival, and Queen Anne. (I also threw in Art Nouveau and English Cottage, but as this house is a synthesis of details taken from several styles, Eclectic, I believe, is the best choice.) It’s uniqueness contributes a lot to its appeal.

ewton Carmean was the original owner who had it built starting in 1901. He owned a buggy company that went under, and he lost the house. He was a shady character with a colorful history
Hatcher, a real estate broker, took ownership of it next. We’re unsure if he even lived there or just owned it for a time.
Finally, Gaynelle Jacobson lived in the house for 50 years until she passed away in 2006, at which point the steady decline and disrepair of this gorgeous mansion began.

Below are some pictures from over the years of the Queen of Hearts Mansion.

There have been several people who have attempted to bring this home back to life since Gaynelle passed, and while some major interior improvements have been made, the exterior has continued to deteriorate, as has the foundation.

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