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The day I visited the farm, the sky was incredible, but I only flew the drone a few days later. In the period of time that goes from 1907 to 1917 and with usufruct being owned by the 1st Marquês da Foz, it is possible that some constructions, previously non-existent, were completed as certain outbuildings to support agricultural activity.

he died in 1917 and the property passes to his son.

🇵🇹 This man, in addition to being the main player in the farm, without him, the farm we saw today would never have existed.


He contributed immensely to the construction of the railway lines and became known as the Faust of Parties, for the grandiose parties in his palace in Lisbon. 1st Marquis and 2nd Count of Foz (1849-1917


His son at the time he inherited the property was already 37 years old, this man did not allow himself to be left in his father’s shadow and achieved great honors in Portugal. I found this detailed information very curious, the man responsible for this farm “passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage at 10:20”

He left an incomparable fame, honorary chief officer of the royal house. He enjoyed a wealthy means of fortune, was one of the most friendly figures and one of the most important figures in Portuguese society. His refined artistic temperament knew how to spend the money that others squandered in a wasteful and useless way.

he filled this palace with precious things and where he faithfully welcomed everyone who sought him out or wanted to visit this palace, this museum. His son, nobleman of the royal house and an extensive list of honorable names. With an enormous fortune, his son was easily able to maintain the property until the year of his death, 1944.During the time he remained as owner, he managed to obtain on the farm:


_959 cedars
_960 pine trees
_593 olive trees
_445 deciduous
_570 in creation
_659 fig trees
_160 almond trees
_20,000 vine strains
_2 orange trees
_8 tangerine trees
_10 loquat trees
_41 poplars
_49 acacias
_2 walnut trees

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