A case that remained unresolved for 20 years, found its outcome!

A case that remained unresolved for 20 years, found its outcome only when Nurse, a teenager from South Africa, met a new friend that their daughter made at school.


It all started in 1997, when Celeste Nurse could not find her daughter at the maternity hospital, three days after giving birth. The mother, aged 18 at the time, fell asleep with the little girl on her chest, during which time the little one was stolen.


For two decades, Nurse’s family did not give up the idea that they would never see their daughter again, so they celebrated her birthday in her absence every year.


However, everything changed in February 2015, when the second daughter of Nurse introduced them to her new friend from school. When they saw her, the couple sensed that their child had been abducted. They learned that the girl, named Zephany, was born on the same day as their missing daughter.


The family did not think at all and decided to notify the authorities, requesting a DNA test, which confirmed Zephany’s identity. It seems that she grew up only a few kilometers from her biological parents.


A lady wearing in a nurse’s attire walked out of a Cape Town hospital in April 1997, carrying a three-day-old infant kidnapped from the maternity department while the baby’s mother slept. The stolen child’s genuine identity was only uncovered by chance 17 years later.


Miché Solomon’s final year began on the first day of school at Zwaanswyk High School in Cape Town.


And on that January day in 2015, Miché, then 17, was surrounded by other pupils who were delighted to tell her about the new girl, Cassidy Nurse, who was three years younger than her but looked remarkably identical to her.


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