Leap Castle.

•It is a castle in Coolderry, County Offaly, Ireland.
•The castle is described as “Ireland’s most haunted castle”.
•It was built by the O’Bannon clan, most likely around 1250 AD.
•During the renovation of the castle in the 1900s, workers found an oubliette behind a wall in the chapel.
•At the bottom of the shaft were many human skeletons amassed on wooden spikes.
•When cleaned out, it took three cartloads to remove the bones.
•It is believed that the O’Carrolls would drop guests through the trap door to be impaled on the spikes 8 feet below.
•A small gold pocket watch found at the same time, dating from the mid-1800s, shows how recently the oubliette may have been used.
•The castle has been visited by paranormal investigators several times.
•A Red Lady ghost is reported to walk the halls holding a dagger.
•Two little girls named Charlotte and Emily are reported to run up and down the spiral staircas.

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