VIDEO: Jeremy Renner expresses gratitude to the intensive care unit medical staff… Now he is feeling better…

After being involved in a collision with a snowplow on New Year’s Day, Jeremy Renner continues to provide updates on his condition while he remains in the hospital.

On Friday, the actor known for his role in Hawkeye, who will be 52 on Saturday, uploaded a picture on his Instagram Story that showed him surrounded by members of the medical team, along with a message expressing thanks.

Along with the photograph, he added, “Thank you famous medical ICU team for starting this journey,” and he included a sequence of prayer emojis under the photo.

This is the third post that the actor has shared from the clinic as he continues to recover from the drastic injuries he received earlier this month in a plow blade accident.

Renner posted his first update on Tuesday, which was a snapshot of himself in the hospital that he shared on Instagram. In the caption, he thanked his fans and supporters for their comments in the aftermath of his injury. He penned the following into the caption: “I am grateful to every one of you for your warm remarks. I’m in such a state right now that I can’t type. However, I am sending all of you my love.”

On Thursday, he posted a video to his Instagram Story in which his sister can be seen massaging her brother’s head and making him giggle as his mother watches. The actor captioned the video as a “spa time to elevate my spirits,” and he shared it with his followers.

As the video zoomed in on the Marvel star’s face, Renner’s sister could be heard laughing, “He’s so hot, huh,” as the camera moved closer to the actor’s face. Renner had indicated that the “spa moment” served as his first time bathing since the accident. He said that it was his “first shower in certainly a week or so.” “Gross!”

In a note that was included accompanying the video, the actor for the Avengers shared the following information about his journey: “I’d like to take a moment to relax and rejuvenate in the intensive care unit spa. I’d want to express my gratitude to my mother and my sister, as well as to all of you, for the affection you have shown me.”

On Tuesday, a representative confirmed to PEOPLE that Renner was in fact attending “clearing the snow off his driveway on the next day, Sunday, so that members of his family could leave his house after celebrating the new year together the night before. A significant amount of snow had fallen, and everyone in that area had been without power for the previous twenty-four hours. As a result, he was also assisting his neighbor in shoveling out his house and clearing the snow from the driveway.”

In the meanwhile, Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam said in a news conference on the same day that Renner was helping a family member pull a “stuck” car out of the estimated three feet of snowfall that had fallen the night before when the event happened.

Several of Renner’s friends and co-stars, including Evangeline Lilly, Hailee Steinfeld, and Chris Hemsworth, have expressed their best wishes for the actor’s speedy recovery. Lilly, 43, stated that Renner has “always been one of the most grounded and real people I ever met in Hollywood” Instagram post. Hailee Steinfeld and Chris Hemsworth also made similar comments.

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