Owner tells dog he passed all the treats to the cats, over 200 million have watched his reply

Some have called it the ‘best video on the internet’ – and judging by the 205 million views it has – we’d say many people agree.
Uploaded onto YouTube as ‘Ultimate Dog Tease,’ this video has brought many a giggle.
However, as of lately, it started making its rounds again – and really, we couldn’t be happier about it.

In the hilarious one-minute and twenty-second video, a dog owner is talking to his dog about food treats from the meat drawer.

But what makes the video so hysterical, is that the owner has dubbed a voice over the video to make it look like the dog is actually talking back with him.

First, the owner starts chit-chatting with his adorable pooch about the meat drawer in the fridge with maple bacon inside. The dog is hilariously ‘responding back’ in total suspense.
Little “yeahs” and “okays” come from the dog’s mouth – or at least they appear to be.

The dog’s owner has an east coast deep and manly voice while the dog was clearly given more of a ‘dopey’ and innocent-sounding voice.

It really is the perfect fit for the dog, with those precious eyes and curious attitude.

Then, the conversation starts to take a turn.
The owner is explaining to his dog that he took the maple bacon out of the drawer and had a thought – “I know who would like that,” he says.
The dog looks back, constantly responding “yeah? yeah?” as if to say “please tell me you’re going to give me that bacon from the meat drawer!”
“Me! So, I ate it!” the dog owner says.
Hysterically, the dog looks away and yawns at that moment, but the dub makes it look like he’s just absolutely appalled by the fact that no bacon was shared with him.

“I also noticed there was some beef in there,” the owner continues to tease. The dog immediately perks back up in suspense. Maybe he still has a shot!
Once again, the owner disappoints the dog by eating the beef.
Then, some chicken with cheese covered in cat treats!
The dog really wants in on this meal but…then comes the bad news once again.
The owner gave it to the cat!
Over and over, the dog’s yawn becomes the most agonizing sound of disappointment thanks to the owner’s creative editing skills.
t’s a conversation that you really could imagine having with your dog!
Of course, once the video was uploaded, it didn’t take long to go viral. And now? It has over 205 million views and counting.
“I’m sorry but this will forever be the best video on the internet 😂😂”
“5 years of watching this vid & i never tire of it, it’s great for morale. I want to wholeheartedly thank this guy and his awesome dog for putting many smiles onto my face. It keeps a retired 🇬🇧 soldier seriously amused at times when I’m feeling blue 👌🏻”
“For the last 8 years my family has brought this video up at-least every other month.”

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