A 79-year-old veteran receives a new mobility scooter thanks to the generosity of strangers, and his reaction is priceless, but wait until you see what happened next.

Veteran of the US Navy Kenny Jary, 79, was in desperate need of a brand-new mobility scooter.

Upon hearing about it, his neighbor and friend Amanda Kline quickly went to social media for support, but she was totally unprepared for the amazing response that caused Kenny to cry.

Both Amanda Kline and Kenny Jary are Minnesota residents who initially met as neighbors before becoming friends.

Kenny and Amanda became close because of their shared experience teaching each other some American Sign Language. Kenny has a deaf friend named Jerry, and Amanda works with the deaf (ASL).

And what’s even more astounding is that Amanda gave Kenny a TikTok account so he could show off his ASL skills while also enlightening others with his charming personality.

Kenny, a 79-year-old former member of the US Navy, utilizes a mobility scooter to get around.

Due to his inability to walk for an overly long or far distance, he is virtually restricted to his home if he does not have access to the scooter that he has decorated with American flag decorations.

Kenny Jary’s mobility scooter began to cause him problems at some point, and then things got even worse when he realized the car was beyond repair.

Kenny could only interact with the outside world in this way. His eyes started to tear up as he thought about how it had helped him meet new people, including Jerry and Amanda.

The revelation also caused Amanda’s emotions to suffer. She consequently decided to share Kenny’s story on TikTok.

She had great hopes that Kenny would be able to receive some sort of discount on a new mobility scooter as a result of the video and the fundraising.

But she was totally unprepared for the torrent of encouragement they got; in only one day, the page had made $5,000!

The kindness of a large number of unidentified individuals moved Kenny Jary to tears, but the generosity of others had just just begun.

As donations kept coming in, Amanda and Kenny soon had more than enough money to buy a brand-new mobility scooter.

In actuality, Amanda surprised Kenny with two brand-new scooters, one of which is portable and light and the other of which is more sturdy and durable. ‘My protector angels watched over me.’

They did, a crying Kenny said. But, as Jary said with sorrow in his voice, Kenny’s angels weren’t finished yet!

The amount of money collected through donations grew over time and eventually exceeded $100,000. In a recent post,

Amanda stated that she planned to spend some of the extra funds to improve Kenny’s life in a few additional ways.

Paying off Kenny’s debt, covering his medical expenses, and outfitting his home with furniture that is simpler for him to access are a few of these modifications.

Kenny was once more overwhelmed by the kindness extended to him.

He also decided that he wanted to share the generosity with a group of people who held a special place in his heart: veterans.

Each of the ten veterans who took part in the GoFundMe campaign received a brand-new mobility scooter thanks to Kenny’s considerate decision. But God took Kenny’s aim and greatly increased it!

By making use of the generosity extended to him, Kenny was able to increase the number of veterans who benefit from his donation from ten to twenty-five.

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