Popular Influencer Begs Her Fans For Money After “Accidentally” Buying A $100K Couch

A social media influencer with more than seven million followers on the Chinese-created TikTok platform posted a video begging her followers for money after she “accidentally bought a $100,000 couch” and needs cash because she “doesn’t want to get a job” to pay for the expensive piece of furniture. Everyone knows that China is using TikTok to harvest data on American consumers, and 21-year-old Quenlin Blackwell from California is using the Chinese-created platform to beg her followers for cash to help pay for the expensive couch that she purchased.

The influencer explained that she entered her credit card information for the expensive couch as a “joke,” but her card was actually charged. Now, she wants people to “donate” money to her cause, so she can afford the expensive couch that she purchased by mistake. In addition to free donations, the TikTok influencer also asked to “borrow” money from her followers because the thought of getting a real job to pay for the couch makes her want to “throw up” and give up on life.

The Los Angeles influencer shocked her fans while sobbing on camera after making the expensive purchase. She told her followers that it was all a big mistake and that she entered her credit card information as a “joke” on the online auction site without realizing that she was going to place the winning bid for a crappy piece of furniture.

The video, which has more than 6.8 million views, was captioned, “I accidentally bought a $100,000 couch.” In the clip, the emotional TikTok user begs her followers to hand over boatloads of cash for her cause, so she doesn’t have to leave TikTok for a real job to earn her way to freedom from debt.

In between cries and sobs at her fate, the TikTok star begged her followers to hand over money so they could pay for the couch she purchased instead of her having to get a job to do it herself.

“I almost crashed my car when I saw it; if you have a million dollars, could you please donate? If you have a billion dollars, can you let me borrow some, please?”

In a second video that follows up on the coattails of the first clip, Quenlin explains that the auction website “won’t give me a refund on the couch.”

Now the young TikTok star plans to create an OnlyFans website to help afford the cost of the unwanted couch.

“I don’t want to, but I’m going to have to” create the porn account, she sobbed. She explained that in addition to paying for the expensive couch, she also needed to replace a side mirror on her car and do some dental work.

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