Toddler thinks man pushing cart is Santa and his reaction melts the internet’s heart

There are some gentlemen out there that resemble Santa Claus. If you’re one of them, and a child thinks you’re the “real guy” – just play along.

Luckily, that’s exactly what one man did when a 3-year-old decided that he must be Father Christmas when she ran into him in a store one day.

Their interaction was adorable and the video her mother posted online has gone viral in response.

She must have thought Santa was out doing some shopping.
The little girl approached the man in front of what appeared to be a selection of frying pans on sale.

It’s not like Santa’s elves can make everything, we’re sure Santa needs to get out and do a little shopping from time to time as well.

The elves need to spend all year making toys, Santa needs to buy his own kitchen supplies.

he man could have said something along the lines of “No little girl, I’m not Santa” and been on his merry way.

But this man decided to just run with the idea that he is, in fact, Santa Claus.
We think he made the best choice possible.

“Santa? I’ve been called a lot worse,” the man says.
It’s exciting for anyone to see a celebrity out in public and for a child, Santa is the biggest celebrity there is!

Running into him at the store would have been a huge deal for any child.

Granted, you get to see Santa every year at a mall but this was Santa in a whole different environment.

This was casual Santa out running errands like a normal person, it’s a whole different level of interaction.

“Santa” asks the little girl if she’s excited for Christmas.
The man gets down on one knee so he can talk directly to the girl, while her mother films this adorable interaction from afar.

Nobody is going to tell this child that she has not run into the real Santa Claus. Why spoil such a special moment for her?

Their sweet interaction has melted the internet’s heart.
The video was posted online by the DailyPicksandFlicks YouTube channel.

Not surprisingly, people have fallen in love with the adorable interaction between the girl and the man she believes is Santa.

The way the man reacted proves that the magic of Christmas is very real. The joy of the holiday inspires in us a desire to spread cheer and goodwill.

Everyone loves this “Santa”!
Even though he is not the real Santa (I mean, maybe?) many people who have viewed this video had their hearts melted by the beautiful way he handled the situation.

Some wrote messages in the comment section of the video, like the one below.

“When you are everything that Santa Claus represents, you become Santa Claus. That little girl knew who she was talking to. ❤️”

“This kept happening to my dad, so he started being our town Santa. My mom bought him a suit and everything. He rides on top of the fire truck and it the main event in my home town parade. Then after he pictures with all the kids. It’s un real the way little kids eyes light up when he walks around in that suit,” Another viewer wrote.

“Notice the physical effort he makes to get on his knees and then to get up. He kinda remembers me about my father on his last years when even walking was painful. And he did it not to break the dream of an innocent kid. I’m sure he’s a real good man,” wrote someone else.

“Fun Fact: He is Santa. He is at the Mall to buy materials for gifts,” one viewer commented (and might be correct about).

It’s a video that’ll warm your soul – be sure to check it out below!
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